How to get your info/announcements posted here

Do you have event information or an announcement to share with the Evanston community-at-large? If you have something written up that you think would fit in here, let's get in touch.
If you have visuals that accompany it, even better.

Karen Kring here: Evanston Live's focus is sharing information that Evanstonians may or should care about. I don't have to be the author of that information. I invite community members to submit information they think would be of value to the Evanston community.

All the posts featuring submitted information will include a subhead similar to "This just in from ____ . . .".   To better understand, see submissions from Evanston Rotary, Percolator Films, and Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre.

I'm very keen on preserving an author's or organization's voice, so I'll only edit or format for clarity.

If you submit similar information to Triblocal or Patch, that's fine, but ideally what you'd submit to me would be a little different than what you submitted elsewhere. For example, I'd appreciate a different picture that would be unique to this post. Even a little editorializing or personalizing could be interesting.

Here's what I'll be thinking about as I consider which submitted event information or announcements to include here:
  • Appropriateness for a broad Evanston audience.
  • Is it well-written? Grammatically-correct? Are there any parts that misrepresent the truth? Does author have the right to use the submitted visuals? Any plagiarism?
  • Creativity counts. Being engaging counts. Humor counts. Brevity counts.
  • If the information is promotional, is it appropriate promotion? 
  • Does it include links to a website that can offer more information?
All posts will be shared via @EvanstonLive, the blog's twitter account.

Interested in having your information posted here?
Please contact me via email.
Attachments are fine.

If the piece you have in mind would be better presented as an article or opinion piece, consider being a guest blogger.

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