Thursday, December 31, 2009

Joel's favorite 2009 photos for Evanston

Annually Pioneer Press' photographers are asked to selects some of their favorite picture of the year for a year-in-review section. Here's some of Joel Lerner's picks from the Evanston Review.

A packed Beardsley Gymnasium stands and listens as Barack Obama is takes the oath to become the 44th President of the United States at Evanston Township H.S. on January 20, 2009.

Evanston's Nicole Brown saves the ball off of Glenbrok South's Danielle Drews at a home game in February.

Second-grader Grace Loveland of Evanston (center) exercises along with her classmates and Northwestern wide receiver Jeff Yarbrough as part of a program called "Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge" at St. Joan of Arc School in February.

Joan of Arc principal Gail Hulse (left) and 1st graders Alexandra Renoult-Orlandini (middle) and Halina Osojnak dance in class as part of the "Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge."

Bessie Rhodes' Alyssa Nichols, Julia Larson, John Hruska and Sarah Cooper ponder a question during the District 65 Health Bowl held at the Frank Auditorium at Evanston Hospital in January.

ETHS graduate Stephanie Marquez give ETHS faculty Taya Kinzie a hug after receiving her diploma in June.

Tiffany Baltimore's family reacts as the ETHS 2009 graduate proceeds into the the Welsh-Ryan Arena for graduation in June.

The Evanston Library Precision Book Cart Team twirl their way down Central Ave. during the Evanston Fourth of July Parade. From left to right: Rick Kinnebrew, Beth McGuire, Lea Solis and Nancy Engel.

The Wellness Revolution shop in downtown Evanston marched down Central St. as a spine to highlight their chiropractic services during the Evanston 4th of July Parade.

All in red, white and blue, the Rearbon family, who moved to Evanston from Australia just 5 months previous, meet Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn during the Evanston Fourth of July Parade.

Kevin Schrieber of Chicago, takes on the Triple Undisputed at Weiner and Still Champion, a 9 patty, 11 American cheese slice colossus in October. Reporter Irv Leavitt didn't dare take it on.

Evanton's Morgan Fitzpatrick runs back to the dugout of the new field at Evanston Township H.S. with the flag after the National Anthem, before the first game at the field in March.

Evanston's Colleen Harper competes in floor exercise at a New Trier girls gymnastics meet in January 2009.

This photo would have run in the first Evanston Review of 2009: Levi Laber of the Cheder Lubavich Hebrew Day School uses the shamash to keep his hands warm before Evanston Chanukah Menorah lighting in Fountain Square in December 2008.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa's Express rides the Purple Line

Joel Lerner, while on duty for Pioneer Press, caught these images while covering Santa's Express train action on the CTA's Purple line Tuesday, December 22, 2009.

CTA's Holiday Train pulls into the Howard St. station.

Twelve-year-old Angeles Lopez shakes hands with Santa during the CTA's Holiday Train's stop at the Howard St. station.

Evanston's Matthew (left) with his sister Anna Clemson.

Three-year-old Khendal Terrell of Evanston gets some candy canes from Santa's helper, Ian.

Castanza Wilson of Skokie,with her godson Marocco Vaughn, 4, shoots a picture in the Linden St. station.

Sarah Quish of Wilmette leads her son Emmett, 3, back onto the CTA Holiday Train with everyone else at the Linden St. station for the trip south.

Five-year-old Jason McDermott of Evanston poses with Santa in the Linden St. station.

Sam, Allie, and Abbie Deyhle of Evanston poses with Santa in front of CTA Purple Line Holiday Train on Tuesday evening.

From the family archives: Karen in front of 1218 Hartrey

That's me. Little Karen Kring in front of her grandparent's home at 1218 Hartrey in Evanston in the early 1960s.

My grandparents, Mildred and Lawrence Swarthout built the home at 1218 Hartrey, just south of Dempster.

The photographer is facing east. In the background is what used to be Apeco.

One has to appreciate the effort the photographer made to get low in the snow to make this picture.