Thursday, May 26, 2016

Megan Oteri and the spirit of Evanston women

Megan Oteri and Karen Kring

From Wyoming, now living outside of Raleigh, NC, my new/old friend Megan Oteri said to me that Evanston feels like home to her as we ate sweets on Monday. Maybe it is because ‪#‎Evanston‬ is where her grandmother and other of her women folk lived, worked and volunteered. Maybe their spirits are alive here and keeping her company. 

Yes, we took a selfie in front of Frances Willard's house, but this one is in front of Patisserie Coralie, at 600 Davis St., where the community kitchen those women folk created and worked in was.

Megan is working on some articles, and eventually a book, about this slice of women's and Evanston's history. And of course, the Woman's Club of Evanston plays prominent in that story.

Who wants to join me next time she's in town and take her our for coffee or margaritas? 

Megan and I met via our Twitter accounts. She's at @MemoMuse1 and @600DavisSt. I'm still at @EvanstonLive.