Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kinnier Lastimosa's Excellent Day

Glimpse of Evanston - October 22, 2010

After a nostalgic ride on the Purple Line up to Evanston, we celebrated my wife's 10-year college reunion by attending the
Northwestern homecoming reception, pep rally and parade.  During the pep rally, the audience gathered on Deering Field to
enjoy inspirational words by Coach Fitzgerald, music by the full Northwestern University Marching Band, performances by
the cheerleaders and the Ladycats, and purple flag waving by the colorguard, which caught my eye.

We followed the spirit squad down to Sheridan Road and watched them prepare for the Homecoming Parade.  That partially
behind-the-scene glimpse enthralled me as much as the parade itself, during which a cheerleader accidentally pegged me in
the forehead with a piece of hard candy.  I was occupied photographing and did not even get to retrieve the candy and enjoy
the spoils.

Instead, after a peek at our old dorm (Public Affairs Residential College), we stopped by Andy's Frozen Custard.  The recent
addition to downtown Evanston featured a $0.99 one-day special on a pumpkin pie concrete, the perfect sweet treat to
conclude the fall evening.

Kinnier Lastimosa is an attorney by day and a photographer other times.

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