Sunday, July 12, 2015

Enjoy your food more: Mindful eating workshop preview in the works :: UPDATED

Food is more than fuel: It nourishes us physically, mentally and emotionally.

My nutritionist Michelle Gillespie and I are hosting a preview to a mindful eating workshop we're developing focused on how to get your body what it needs based on what works for you. 

You're invited. Tell me you're interested and I'll get you details. 

We'll talk about better nutrition by considering HOW you eat, not just what you eat. You'll leave with some useful insights into how to get the most out of your food.

UPDATE--July 12: The workshop went great. We hosted it at Creative Coworking on June 30. More people came than expected, which was cool. We did a week-later follow-up and things we talked about stuck with participants. They said they'd already adopted some new habits and ways of thinking into their routine.

Photos from the workshop are online on Facebook. Not pictured is the dried black currant we each got and enjoyed.

Stand by for news about the additional single workshop we have in the works for those who couldn't make it and dates for the six-week workshop series.

Creme Brulee by Chef's Station >< Photo by Todd Pierson

More about Michelle's history with food here --> Michelle's Story

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