Friday, January 22, 2016

Thanking and Thinking

I invite you to embrace two ideas in your mind at the same time:
There's lots that sucks right now. 
There's lots that is very good right now.

We humans are designed to quickly recognize what sucks, what is wrong, what is dangerous--and then react to that. That's how we've been able to survive over millennia.

To thrive, we're challenged to recognize what is going right, what is working, what is worthy of your time...and who lights us up.

Now is the time to recognize all of the above. I invite you to think about it and actively engage it.

People LOVE to be acknowledged for their wonderfulness and positive contributions. Start there. Write a note, send an email, make a call, send flowers, whatever. If you're concerned about seeming to be sappy, risk it. Dare to use some flowery words. Dare to use some words you don't use commonly.
Live it up.
Carpe Diem, baby.
Let it all hang out.

Hmm. What to do about suckiness? How does one actively acknowledge or engage that in a thoughtful, worthwhile way?

If Mahatma Gandhi were here, he might suggest being the change you wish to see.
That's good.

I suggest starting where you're at with whatever you've got. What you've got is your energy, savvy, compassion and surely more. I also suggest if you don't know enough about the particular suckiness you're focused on, find a way to learn more and dive in in some way that works for you. This might take you out of your comfort zone, but what I suspect is that you'll find it less scary than you thought it would be. I also suspect you'll learn something and gain new perspective.
Don't worry about "making a difference". You will.

I invite your thoughts about this.

~ * ~
In case the weather and other suckiness is getting on your nerves, here's Peggy Lee singing a song she wrote, It's a Good Day, which I dedicate to my sister-in-law Pam...and here's Darlene Love singing It's a Marshmellow World, for you.

I published a version of this piece previously elsewhere.

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