Thursday, July 21, 2016

Never Mute: Ted Glasoe's Lake

Ted Glasoe lives in Evanston five blocks from Lake Michigan. The only better place for him to live would be one block from the lake.

 Almost Sunrise

Almost Sunrise
Says Ted...

Breakwater Split

I'm driven to capture the lake’s power and beauty at every opportunity—in any weather, season or time of day. Standing on the shore and looking out over its
vast surface, I feel both the enormity of the lake and an intimacy with it. I marvel at how the colors, textures and sounds blend together to communicate the lake’s mood.

Sometimes calm and serene, other times roiling and violent—but never mute.

Through my work, I aim to share these moods with viewers, evoking in them a deeper appreciation of the priceless natural resource we have in Lake Michigan and all of our Great Lakes. From this appreciation, I hope to inspire a sense of stewardship. The lakes are ours to enjoy today, but also ours to protect and sustain for generations to come. 

To further his stewardship, Ted donates a portion of each sale his work to the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Not shown here are examples of Ted's time-lapse photography, which are wonderful too.

More of Ted's work can be viewed and purchased online and at Perspective Gallery until July 31 and usually at Creative Coworking.

Revetment Splash

Sky, Lake and Prairie
Late fall day looking East over the prairie at Fort Sheridan, IL

Sunrise with Geese

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