Monday, September 12, 2016

Seven Minutes of Science this week in Chicago and Evanston

There’s so so so* much I loved about working at IIT…Illinois Institute of Technology…Illinois Tech, if you like.

One of my responsibilities was to not just inform the general public about what was going on on the campuses, but why our groundbreaking researchers’ work was important…and so cool. I geek out on design, architecture, engineering, science and the rest, so this was so so so right for me. This was fun for me, but not easy. I had to translate what the brainiacs shared into some language that the rest of us—people who really do care, but cannot understand enough when too much jargon or too many acronyms are used—could fathom.

This is important work for lots of reasons, but my reasons included my belief that if our society is to make sound decisions regarding self-governing and caring for itself, it needs to be well-informed. Also, if important work is to be supported, those writing the checks and rallying support need to “get it”, even if they don’t immediately remember what NSF, STEAM, or NOAA mean.

Imagine my delight when I’d discovered NU’s RSG program. ;-)
RSG stand for Ready, Set, Go!

Founded in 2012 by Michelle Paulsen and Alex Adler, RSG coaches teach graduate and post doc researchers to improve their presentation skills.

I feel so much smarter after listening to their presentations. Love when that happens.

You too can enjoy that feeling.
Prepare to be wowed at .

To be wowed in person, consider going to this week’s presentations: Seven Minutes of Science.
Tuesday presentations start at 3 p.m. at Lurie Medical Research Center in downtown Chicago.
Wednesday presentations also start at 3 p.m., but on NU’s Evanston campus.

* Yes. I like the word "so"....and I like ellipses. 

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