Thursday, February 10, 2011

Evanston weathers Blizzard 2011

Images by Evanston Review's Joel Lerner
2/1/11: Crossing Asbury at Central in Evanston

2/1/11: Bracing against the wind near the Peter Jans Golf Course in Evanston during the snowstorm

2/1/11: Crossing Ridge at Noyes

2/1/11: Ducking the snow on Orrington Ave

2/2/11: Anna Marlene Topping leads her family, (from left) father Rob, sister Jacqueline and mother Alice
in a cross country skiing excursion down the middle of Colfax St.

2/2/11: Evanston's Cathy Steege leads her daughter, Beth Neal and husband Justin Neal
snowshoeing through Perkins Woods in northwest Evanston

Here's the Feb 2 Evanston Review story to go with the above pictures.

2/3/11: Evanston Forestry Department's Juan Octaviano on the job plowing Evanston streets

2/3/11: An appreciative thumbs for Juan for plowing her streets without plowing her in
2/3/11: In accordance to the snow emergency plan, cars on the wrong side of the street are ticketed,
moved, and placed back where they were on the newly cleaned street. 

2/3/11: On larger roads, two plows work in concert to clear the streets

Here's the Feb 8 Evanston Review story Joel worked on with
Bob Seidenberg about the slow-plow ride-along.
More pictures of our Skokie, Morton Grove, Wilmette, Winnetka and Glencoe
neighbors wrestling or playing in with the snow are up on Joel's Facebook page.


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  1. great photos. it was nice to see so many people braving the snow to have a little fun :-)