Friday, February 11, 2011

Where are they now?: Catherine Johns and Karen Hand

Now at the Chicago Hypnosis Center, Catherine and Karen have a sweetheart deal for you

You might remember Catherine Johns and Karen Hand from their careers in Chicago radio.

Catherine was a news anchor, talk show host and morning show sidechick for WLS and later for WJMK. She still hears from people who miss having her keep them company from their car's dashboard. Karen was once at WLS too, then later served as News Director, on-air personality and talk show host at B-96 and WCKG. She headlined the top rated program Private Lives with Dr. Kelly Johnson for more than a decade, helping Chicagoans with self improvement and relationship issues.

Catherine and Karen are still using their voices to help Chicagoans, though now as hypnotists.

Working together again, they established their hypnosis practice in 2005 and together founded the Chicago Hypnosis Center.

Catherine is now a Certified Hypnotist and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She works with clients on weight loss and developing their professional presence and business skills.

Karen Hand is a Master Hypnotist and National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Instructor. She specializes in pain management, smoking cessation, fear release and stress reduction. She also teaches classes in the art of hypnosis.

"The transformation we see in our clients is amazing," Catherine says. "It's very gratifying work."

Through the Chicago Hypnosis Center, Catherine and Karen are offering a "sweetheart deal". From now until Valentine's Day, a person can sign up for a hypnosis program with their sweetheart, or a friend, and one of them gets their help for free.

"There is no predetermined set program to help clients accomplish their goals. Each program is tailored for an individual's needs."

"What we do is start with a consultation to get a good sense of a person's objectives and lay out a plan to help them get there. The program could be anywhere from two or three sessions, or more, depending on a person's goals and motivation."

There's more information about hypnosis and the Center's practice on their website and Facebook page.
To learn more about their deal and how they can help you, Karen and Catherine are reachable at 773-725-3200.

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