Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Our lake is great. Show her you care. April 23

Revetment Splash by Ted Glasoe

Pitch #1: What have you done for our Mother Earth lately? This Sunday go to the beach and clean her up a bit. She'll take care of us, if we take care of her.

Pitch #1.5: Saturday is Earth Day. It comes every April. Do your Earth Day observance at Evanston's Lee Street Beach this Sunday.

Pitch #2: This Sunday you can go to the gym to bend, stretch and walk or you can go to the beach to do all that, plus get some vitamin D in the process, while hanging out with some very fine people and helping the health of our planet.

Pitch #2.5: Forget the gym. Go to the Lee Street Beach this Sunday.

Pitch #3: Have you met environmentalist/photographer Ted Glasoe yet? Nice guy, and talented, too. He'll be cleaning up Lee Street Beach this Sunday from 9-11 a.m. In case you need a reason to go to the beach on a partly sunny day, meeting him and other lovely people is a good one, plus bags will be provided to help with some beach cleaning as long as you're there.

Pitch #4: Got kids? Looking for something worthwhile and low-cost to amuse them? Take 'em to Lee Street Beach this Sunday. There will be things to look at, collect and catalog on the beach.

Pitch #4.5: Free fun at Lee Street Beach this Sunday.

Pitch #5: Want to influence policy and strategy for reducing pollution and keeping the water clean, clear and safe? Join Ted Glasoe and cool neighbors for some beach clean-up and cataloging at the intersection of Lee St. and Lake Michigan this Sunday.

Pitch #5.5: Spend time with Lake Michigan and some nice people, while influencing policy at Lee Street Beach this Sunday.


The weather is predicted to be nice on Sunday.

A series of Chicago-area Earth Day events start on Thursday.
Chicago Parent has a nice list of Earth Day events.

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